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Fighting a Careless Driving Ticket for a Clean Record

Careless driving is one of the most common tickets issued by police in Ontario. Careless driving is defined as driving without attention or without reasonable consideration for others on the road, according to the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. This type of ticket is often considered subjective in nature, as the definition of ‘careless’ varies from person to person, or officer to officer. Keep reading to learn how to properly interpret a careless driving charge and fight for justice if the ticket has been unjustly issued.

Interpreting a Charge

Careless driving includes two car accidents, pedestrian accidents, changing lanes sporadically and driving at high speeds. The charge is usually qualified with environmental factors in mind as well. The officer issuing the charge must be able to prove that the driver was not respecting his or her surroundings at the time of the incident. One must ask themselves the following questions: Was the area crowded? Were the roads covered or clear? Was visibility limited? To successfully fight a charge, proof of flaw must be established. If the police officer that issued the ticket has misjudged the situation and evidence is available, it is wise to question it. Careless driving charges range from $200 to $1,000 respectively. License suspension and jail time are also possibilities, depending on the severity of the incident. Letting an unlawful charge go could result in severe and life-changing consequences.

A Careless Driving Charge on Your Record

Careless driving tickets are on the rise and more people are choosing to let unlawful convictions slide instead of dealing with them.  This is not a good idea. A careless driving charge will result in six demerit points and a possible license suspension. Insurance rates will also increase dramatically for the affected individual. A high premium will stay elevated for at least three years after the incident. The financial burden of careless driving is too great to not be taken seriously. People often successfully beat a charge. The devil is in the details and if the police officer that has given the ticket cannot provide the proof needed to substantiate the claim, the case will be dismissed.

How to Fight

The most effective way to fight a careless driving ticket is to contact a reputable and successful organization that specializes in negotiation. A good traffic court agent will facilitate a meeting with a lawyer to discuss options and timeline requirements.  The best defense in terms of ticket charges is a great memory. If one can accurately prove that the charge is unlawful based on recollection and witness accounts, a case can be won. There is no guarantee, but an experienced agent will offer the best shot at a clean record and renewed conscience.  Professional advice makes a world of difference when it comes to dealing with a difficult and potentially embarrassing situation. Contact the best traffic court agent in Toronto today to facilitate a meeting. The fate of your record is in your hands. 
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